Meet The Team

Meet our dedicated team, your wholesale partners committed to ensuring your business’s success and growth. With personalized and expert support, we guide you from initial setup to continuous assistance, empowering you to thrive in your endeavors.

Jenny Morales

Sales Account manager

In 2021, I joined Earths Elements Wellness as a Sales Account Manager. Apart from handling sales, my responsibilities include managing our wholesale website, supporting the Warehouse Manager, and collaborating closely with the Marketing department. What I cherish most about my role at Earths Elements is the opportunity to connect with and build relationships with our customers.

Kiara Valenzuela

Sales representative

I started working at Earths Elements in 2022.  I really enjoy meeting and working with a large diversity of customers.  When I am not at work I enjoy the outdoors and you’ll often find me journaling, putting my thoughts on paper and finding joy in self-reflection

Randy Moraleja

Sales Representative

Hi, I was born in the Philippines and have embraced diverse cultures and experiences throughout my life. With a background spanning over two decades in the sales industry, I’ve honed my skills in communication and connection. For the past four years, I’ve found purpose and passion with Earths Elements Wellness where I find immense fulfillment in helping customers along their wellness journeys, whether it’s recommending products or offering guidance and support.

Helen Myers

sales representative

I have been with Earths Elements Wellness as a Wholesale Rep since the wholesale division’s inception in 2019. I enjoy living a healthy lifestyle in San Diego and love to support and guide others on their holistic journey. It’s fulfilling to see people embrace wellness and make positive changes in their lives.